Top 10 Reasons to Become a Linc Service Contractor

  1. Proven Growth Strategy

    Quality preventive maintenance builds recurring revenue, a sustainable business model that the Linc Service Network thrives on. With a proactive business development strategy, Linc Service franchise owners work on their business, not in their business.

  2. Operational Excellence

    The Linc System has been tested and proven for over 40 years. Linc System operating manuals detail the programs, policies, and procedures that provide a foundation for growth and how to build on it.

  3. Best in Class Sales Tools

    Focus on revenue growth across your business with a fully fleshed-out sales process supported by in-person training and a comprehensive library of sales tools. The Linc Service Sales Cycle provides a proven strategy for quantifiable and sustainable results, so Linc Service leaders spend less time researching sales tools and more time leading their teams to achieve. 

  4. Evolving Technology and Support

    As the HVAC industry undergoes rapid change, Linc Service Contractors have access to vetted technology to enhance client experience, transform service delivery, and streamline business systems. Our work order management solution helps optimize productivity for field service teams and puts the focus on client satisfaction, not paperwork. Our team implements technology on site and provides continuous support for our franchises.

  5. Continuing Education, Training, and Leadership Development

    Linc Service’s robust catalog of educational content supports every stage of your employees’ careers, keeping employees up-to-date on industry trends and regulations with continuous education. In-person workshops and online, self-paced training provide personalized development opportunities. The annual Continuing Education Conference, held exclusively for Linc Service and TEGG franchises, brings Linc Service Contractors together to network with industry experts, share best practices and attend sessions that deliver actionable content specific to their businesses.

  6. Specialized Management and Coaching

    Each Linc Service Contractor receives one-on-one consultation and coaching with an Area Vice President (AVP). Our team of AVPs personally apply their years of expertise and experience in the HVAC industry to guide financial performance and help you achieve your individual business goals.

  7. Brand Recognition

    When clients choose a contractor bearing the Linc Service name, they can be sure they’ve chosen professional advice and service they can rely on. Linc Service Contractors have access to a variety of marketing resources to help them build brand awareness from social media content to a roadmap for developing a strategic marketing plan.

  8. Professional Recruitment Support

    Linc Service Contractors have access to our HR team’s contacts with specialized recruiters to find and hire the right sales talent, skilled technicians, and more. The recruiters we work with specialize in identifying and placing top talent in the commercial HVAC industry.

  9. National Purchasing Power

    Linc Service Contractors capitalize on the scale of our network to lower costs. Leading providers for the HVAC industry extend preferred pricing and offer special services through our National Purchasing Program.

  10. Network of Industry Experts

    As part of a worldwide network operating with the same principles and systems, Linc Service Contractors share best practices and implement proven processes, differentiating their businesses as leading, world-class service providers. 

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“Representing Linc Service in South Carolina and Georgia allows Total Comfort Solutions to bring a proven system to our clients as a means to solve their air conditioning problems; and keep them solved. Our employees, clients and business benefit daily from the continuous implementation of Linc methodologies. We value the challenging and rewarding relationships that exist through our association with the Linc Service network.” - Todd Hyneman, Total Comfort Solutions