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ABM Building Services has offices in Alexandria, Chesapeake, Richmond, and Roanoke. We have in excess of 4,000 employees serving 20,000 clients and we have been in this business since 1901. With HVAC service, HVAC installation, building automation, plumbing and energy services departments, we have unparalleled technical expertise throughout the state of Virginia. Our facility engineers have been designing facility improvement measures for decades, our technicians have installed and serviced these same systems for an equal amount of time, and, for the last 25 years, we have been using this expertise to build financially viable, sustainable solutions for our clients through the guaranteed energy savings contracting process. This alignment of in-house expertise means ABM Building Services can provide superior returns for our clients, while providing greater quality control because we sub-contract fewer services than anyone else in the industry.
ABM Building Services’ client base is 100% referenceable; which is a testament to our employees’ commitment to exceeding expectations on each and every project. This corporate culture is a function of the quality of our employees and our extensive history of client achieved successes. While it feels good to boast of our accomplishments, what generates the most excitement for us are the numerous benefits our clients achieve as a result of their investment of trust in us.

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ABM Building Services
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“The Linc System enables contractors to distinguish themselves from their competitors by utilizing the power of the network to provide world-class service for their clients. Their experience in their respective industries is enhanced with our proven systems, enabling them to take advantage of our innovative tools, programs, and unmatched support to strategically grow their business. ” - Bruce Phibbs, Senior Vice President – Franchising, ABM Technical Solutions