Airite Heating & Air Conditioning

A Linc Service Contractor Since: 2006


Ontario, CA

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Airite is located in Ontario, California, with customers and projects from the Mexican border, to the San Francisco bay area. Since 1961, Airite has serviced a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial customers, such as: hospitals, manufacturers, clean rooms, offices, assisted living developments, churches, and numerous government buildings. Our goal is to help facilities reduce their owning and operating costs associated with their HVAC systems through a more thorough preventative maintenance program and self-funding projects.

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Airite Heating & Air Conditioning
10779 Fremont Ave.
Ontario, California 91762

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“Prior to us joining Linc, we were strictly a projects driven company, with low margin maintenance as busy work for the techs. Now our focus has changed to a service/maintenance business, with projects as our busy work. Linc gave us the business model and support to help sustain our company in these tough times. We wish we would have signed up sooner.” - Richard Mace, Jr., General Manager, Airite Heating & Air Conditioning