Trotter & Morton Kansas City

A Linc Service Contractor Since: 2003


Kansas City, MO

San Antonio, TX

Calgary, AB

Vancouver, BC

About Us:

Trotter & Morton Kansas City provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a maximum emergency response time of two hours.

Trotter & Morton Kansas City has all kinds of facilities under contract, all with a different combination of system design, equipment brands and needs. From offices to production facilities, we service almost every industry imaginable and we understand your unique needs.

• Industrial - Production Plants
• Commercial Buildings
• Condominiums
• Healthcare
• Private & Public School Systems
• Entertainment Venues

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Trotter & Morton Kansas City
3232 Roanoke Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64111

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“Every business owner within the Linc Franchise Business has an opportunity to implement The Linc System. At Trotter and Morton, we implement the system 100% at each of our five locations. This allows us to use the best processes in the industry and add tremendous value to our sales presentations, while delivering a consistent, well managed product to our customer.” - Gareth McLean, General Manager, Trotter & Morton Kansas City