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A Linc Service Contractor Since: 1982


Fenton, MO Pacific, MO

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Doll Services has served the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan area since 1948. We are a full-service HVAC Design/Build firm providing comprehensive building solutions for mechanical and electrical needs with 24 hour on call services. Doll can develop a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program to meet the demanding needs of our customers to ensure the longevity of the equipment to meet any budget. Doll has a LEEP AP and three Registered Professional Engineers on staff. Locally owned and operated, we have locations in Fenton and Pacific, Missouri.

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Doll Services, LLC
1860 Larkin Williams Rd.
Fenton, Missouri 63026

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“Linc Service provides us with the business programs and capabilities, which we could not develop ourselves, to create a higher degree of professionalism in our Operations and give a better and more complete range of service for our customers.” - Julie Morgan, President, Doll Services , LLC