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Macon, GA

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Hays Service is proud of its history in the HVAC business, and is now into its fourth generation as a family business. With its beginnings in the heating and plumbing business, Hays Service has transformed itself several times in the last 67 years. Moving first to air conditioning in the 1950’s and then starting in 1989, moved to mechanical service and maintenance. Hays Service's primary focus is predictive and preventative aspects of maintenance with highly trained technicians for industrial and commercial applications. Hays Service provides a unique service by transferring the accountability and risk from the client to Hays, with regards to HVAC owning and operating costs.

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Hays Service, LLC
4312 Interstate Dr.
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“Linc has provided us the platform to move from a traditional mechanical contractor to a true preventative maintenance service organization. We have used the Linc system with its proprietary operating procedures to insure our customers get a well defined and documented list of cost control and energy saving task we perform. Linc has used their national and international presence to insure our suppliers and partners provide us with the latest technology at the most competitive pricing levels. We truly have become a unique mechanical service provider in our market area and Linc is helping to insure we stay there for many years to come.” - Cal Hays, President, Hays Service, LLC