Madison County Schools Continue Partnership with ABM Building Solutions in an Ongoing Effort to Improve Students’ Learning Environment

Friday, May 11, 2012

The project is expected to save the school district more than $5.5 million in energy and operational costs

ABM (NYSE:ABM), a leading provider of integrated facility solutions, announced its ABM Building Solutions division has been selected again by Madison County Schools to dramatically improve students’ learning environment through energy upgrades and innovative financial solutions. This is the third set of schools utilizing ABM’s Bundled Energy Solutions in the last eleven years and the Madison County School district is expected to save an estimated $5.5 million in energy and operational costs. To coincide with the start of the 2012-2013 school year, major renovations are expected to be completed and new equipment installed and operational by August. Total synchronization of the buildings’ control systems will be finished by October.

“We are once again honored to work with Madison County Schools to address their aging infrastructure challenges,” said ABM Building Solutions Project Developer Sean Reed. “Since this program is self-funded from the existing operating budget, we are able to provide the equipment replacement and upgrades without additional taxpayer burden. This program will drastically reduce energy consumption while improving the learning environment within the schools. The students, faculty, staff and taxpayers of Madison County can now be assured that these schools are operating at peak efficiency for years to come.”

The main focus of the renovation project is four elementary schools in the county: Danielsville Elementary, Colbert Elementary, Ila Elementary, and Comer Elementary along with minor renovations to Madison County High School. In addition to the initiative to save energy, this project will also focus on improving the indoor environmental quality within the buildings, including comfort conditions, lighting levels and outside air ventilation. With the amount of time students spend indoors learning, problems with a school’s indoor air quality can trigger a host of health problems that increase absenteeism and play a major role in academic performance. Improving a school’s environmental quality can enhance student’s academic performance, as well as teacher and staff productivity and retention.

The schools will be retrofitted with new high-efficiency HVAC systems, high performance lighting technologies, high-efficiency water source heat pumps and an energy management control system. At Colbert Elementary, a new high-efficiency heat pump loop boiler will be installed, which is expected to be 25% more efficient than the existing boiler.

Danielsville Elementary is also taking a big step forward with new technology. A six-panel solar power system will be installed, doubling the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) on certain equipment. The solar modules will be used to help supplement the power needed to operate the system and will transfer any excess power generated back to the school’s power grid.

“ABM has been instrumental in Madison County Schools’ plan to maintain efficient and functioning HVAC systems as well as lighting within our schools,” said Dr. Allen McCannon, Superintendent of Madison County Schools. “Without their products and service as well as financial solutions, it would have been impossible for us to accomplish all that we have. We look forward to continuing a long, extended relationship with ABM.”

ABM Building Solutions first performed improvements to the schools within Madison County in 2001 and then in 2008, ABM again teamed up with Madison County Schools to complete additional renovations to other facilities within their district.

“Our continued partnership with Madison County Schools enables us to provide solutions that truly make a substantial difference in the quality of their schools,” said President of ABM Building & Energy Solutions Scott Giacobbe. “The solutions we have provided continue to reduce an abundant amount of energy consumption while shrinking their owning and operating costs which allows the school district to allocate the savings into other vital areas.”

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