ABM’s Energy Performance Contracting Program Projected to Save Warren County, Pennsylvania, More Than $2.4 Million

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

ABM (NYSE:ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, has initiated an Energy Performance Contracting program for Warren County, Pennsylvania. ABM's customized solution is projected to save Warren County more than $2.4 million in energy and operating costs over a 15-year period, which will allow the county to make several vital updates to the Warren County Courthouse and three other facilities. The project is scheduled for completion in 2020.

Energy and operations savings will be achieved by implementing energy-efficient lighting and HVAC upgrades, and water conservation at the Warren County Courthouse, the Hickory Street Annex, and the Warren County Warehouse, among others. The upgrades are projected to save Warren County more than $129,000 in energy and operating costs in the first year, which will climb during the life of the program, resulting in a projected total savings of over $2.4 million.

“We are proud to help upgrade Warren County’s facilities as the county celebrates its Bicentennial,” said Mark Newsome, President of ABM Technical Solutions. “This program will help improve these buildings, including the historic Warren County Courthouse, to ensure they will be in use for years to come, without impacting the county’s finances.”

Warren County was incorporated as a county by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and officially created, on October 1, 1819. The Warren County Courthouse was built in 1876 and is among the oldest buildings in the county. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976 and is seen as one of the county’s most important landmarks. Warren County officials have planned a series of celebrations this year to mark the county’s Bicentennial.

Warren County officials selected ABM to develop a customized solution to address long-deferred maintenance issues at the four facilities, especially the Warren County Courthouse. The program provides officials with an opportunity to take a long-term, comprehensive approach to upgrade the county’s facilities to decrease energy and operational expenses.

Improvements at the Warren County Courthouse include replacements of HVAC systems, repairing and replacing gutters and downspouts to control water infiltration and pooling, and replacing roofing on two sections of the historic building. The improvements also includes aesthetic upgrades to the courthouse’s exterior, repairs to its outdoor steps, and new attic insulation.

All four facilities will receive energy-efficient upgrades including LED lighting, HVAC system replacements or retrofits, and water conservation systems, including low-flow fixtures and pedal valves to control water usage. The project includes improved ventilation by sealing building envelopes to increase occupant comfort and drive energy savings.

HVAC system retrofits will be completed by local mechanical contractor, Mazza Mechanical Services, Inc. Mazza Mechanical Services is a part of ABM Franchising Group’s Linc Service franchise network.

The program will also include the relocation of a security wall at the Hickory Street Annex, which houses a magisterial district court and the Warren County Domestic Relations office, to make the facility more secure and user-friendly. The relocated security wall will allow building occupants to reconfigure the shared office to better meet the needs of both offices.

ABM's Energy Performance Contracting Program will enable the county to make these upgrades with little impact to its capital budget. The program is designed as a financial solution to meet clients' technical facility needs and sustainability goals. The goal is to drive costs out of a client's operating budget, allowing savings to be reallocated to fund mission critical facility needs. Click here for a video on how ABM is providing facility and financial solutions to local governments without upfront costs or tax increases.

“ABM’s customized solution will allow us to address the needs of our facilities while removing the capital burden of these projects from our taxpayers,” said Ben Kafferlin, Chairman of the Warren County Commissioners. “The savings will allow us to make upgrades in a fiscally responsible way and will also help us address several maintenance issues that will help extend each facilities’ lifespan.”

Highlights of the project include:

  • Retrofitting lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lighting and replacing or retrofitting HVAC units, which will maximize energy and operational efficiency
  • Repairing and replacing roofs, and gutters and downspouts at the Warren County Courthouse to mitigate water infiltration
  • Relocation of a security wall at the Hickory Street Annex to provide additional security and configuration for the shared magisterial district court and the Warren County Domestic Relations offices
  • Installation of water conservation systems, including low-flow fixtures and pedal valves to control water usage
  • Improving ventilation at four facilities by sealing building envelopes to increase occupant comfort and drive energy savings

For more information on ABM's Energy Performance Contracting Program and other offerings, visit www.abm.com.

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