ABM’s Energy Performance Contracting Program Helps the City of Satellite Beach, Florida Upgrade Infrastructure

Friday, October 18, 2019

ABM (NYSE:ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, announced today that it has won a contract to implement comprehensive infrastructure improvements through its Energy Performance Contracting program for the City of Satellite Beach, Florida. ABM’s customized solution is projected to help the city make energy efficiency upgrades and facility enhancements to five city facilities and three parks, while also creating energy and operating savings to help offset the upgrades.

Officials from the City of Satellite Beach selected ABM to develop a customized solution to take a long-term, comprehensive approach to upgrade the city’s infrastructure after noting several facilities with roofs and HVAC equipment that had exceeded their useful lifespans. ABM worked closely with city leaders to determine and address financial challenges and sustainability goals. ABM developed a financial program to procure much-needed infrastructure improvements. The program includes ongoing predictive and preventive maintenance for new and existing HVAC equipment, to help ensure future energy and operational savings are achieved.

“ABM is working with the City of Satellite Beach to take a proactive and pragmatic approach to upgrade and maintain its facilities’ infrastructure,” said Scott Giacobbe, ABM’s Chief Revenue Officer. “This program will provide the city with the opportunity to address its immediate needs, while ensuring residents and employees have safe and reliable environments to conduct business, work and play.”

ABM's Energy Performance Contracting Program helps clients achieve energy savings by funding infrastructure upgrades within their current operational budget. ABM’s guaranteed energy savings programs help clients maintain budget integrity and meet sustainability goals with a holistic approach to energy performance.

“ABM’s customized program is providing us with an efficient way to upgrade and maintain the city’s facilities, while saving us time and money by streamlining the procurement process,” said City Manager Courtney Barker. “The city will benefit from a reduction in future energy and operational costs that will be provided as a result of implementing the program.”

Highlights of the project estimated to conclude in 2020 include:

  • Retrofitting lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lighting, and replacing or retrofitting HVAC units, which will be controlled by state-of-the-art HVAC control systems to maximize energy and operational efficiency at the Satellite Beach City Hall and Civic Center, Police Department, Fire Department, Community Center and Pelican Beach Clubhouse
  • Installing building automation controls, allowing maintenance officials to remotely monitor and quickly address maintenance needs
  • Installing solar-powered and battery-powered LED lighting around pathways and the pond at DeSoto Park, the city’s newest park
  • Installing new roofs and reattaching rooftop HVAC Equipment at the Police Department, Community Center and Pelican Beach Clubhouse to comply with hurricane safety standards
  • Improving ventilation and outside air intake systems at several facilities by sealing building envelopes to increase occupant comfort, control humidity and drive energy savings
  • Upgrading communication lines to provide more reliable telephone systems and internet service at five facilities

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