ABM Projected to Save GSA Southeast Sunbelt Region 4 an Estimated $34.3 Million

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

ABM (NYSE: ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, has initiated an additional Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Over the 20-year period, ABM's energy performance contract is projected to save an estimated $34.3 million generated by a projected average energy reduction of 37% for nine federal facilities in Alabama, Mississippi, and North Carolina. The project includes ventilation system upgrades to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in all nine facilities.

"Indoor air quality is a concern for every employer and employee today, public and private," said Mark Hawkinson, President of ABM Technical Solutions. "I'm happy we can create the savings they need to address these capital improvements to make sure these ventilation upgrades happen."

As of this project, ABM has provided custom energy solutions to GSA totaling more than $100 million of capital invested. ABM has previously implemented a multiple-phase ESPC for GSA in Los Angeles, California, with the most recent phase described here.

ABM's Energy Performance Contracting Program enables federal entities and others, such as schools and local governments, to invest in critical facility needs like air quality, infrastructure, and sustainability goals. The program is designed to drive costs out of a facility's operating budget, redirecting savings to fund mission critical facility needs. This video outlines how ABM provides custom technical and financial solutions for government facilities without upfront costs or tax increases.

The project will restore a solar photovoltaic system de-energized due to unrepaired solar panel damage, saving much of the existing equipment. A new design will introduce redundancy to avoid shutdowns, including a monitoring system to help prevent and diagnose issues before they arise. HVAC renovations will significantly improve IAQ with better control of outdoor air, including more efficient use of fan energy and increased delivery of fresh air. Highlights of the project also include:

  • Optimizing chillers and boilers to improve energy efficiency
  • Retrofitting lighting with energy-saving LED lighting
  • Capital improvements to resolve issues impacting air quality and energy savings
  • Installing water conservation upgrades
  • Replacing high-efficiency transformers in electrical power distribution systems

The project includes upgrades to historic courthouses and provides new and upgraded Building Automation System (BAS) infrastructure and platforms to five of the nine locations, providing GSA centralized, real-time monitoring, analytics, and performance data. The BAS upgrades include advanced controls that enable significant reductions in the energy use of connected HVAC systems. The nine facilities are:

  • Dan M. Russell Jr. Courthouse, Gulfport, MS
  • Frank M. Johnson Jr. Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Montgomery, AL
  • Hiram H. Ward Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Winston-Salem, NC
  • L.R. Preyer Federal Building-Post-Office-Courthouse, Greensboro, NC
  • Terry Sanford Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Raleigh, NC
  • Thad Cochran U.S. Courthouse, Jackson, MS
  • U.S. Courthouse, Oxford, MS
  • Veach-Baley Federal Complex, Asheville, NC
  • William M. Colmer Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse, Hattiesburg, MS

For more information on ABM's Energy Savings Performance Contracts and other offerings, visit www.abm.com.  

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