ABM Helps Madison County Schools Increase Cash Flow and Provide Healthy Shared Spaces

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Energy project helps district achieve indoor air quality improvement and certified disinfection through ABM's EnhancedFacility™ and EnhancedClean™ programs

NEW YORK, Jan. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ABM (NYSE: ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, has initiated a fifth phase Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) for Madison County Schools (MCS), a public K-12 school district in Georgia. The combined results after all five phases are projected to save MCS an estimated $40 million in energy and operational costs over a 17-year period. ABM's customized solution will provide energy efficient upgrades and aim to improve the school district's indoor environment by reducing the viral transmission of disease-causing pathogens from surfaces and the air.

The newest phase provides cost-effective solutions specific to the school district's needs and includes ABM's EnhancedClean™ program, a certified program that will provide daily touchpoint disinfection and deeper, broader nightly disinfection.

"We're evolving energy projects to meet schools' needs," said Mark Hawkinson, President of ABM Technical Solutions. "We're helping Madison County Schools with ventilation upgrades and disinfection services, while also creating cash flow for the next two years, so the district can do more across the board for students, teachers, and the local community."

The project adds HVAC systems to gymnasiums at four elementary schools currently without HVAC and contributes to the district's needlepoint bipolar ionization assets, a pathogen and particle control measure recommended through ABM's EnhancedFacility™ program.

Valerie Burd, President of ABM Education, said: "Particularly in these uncertain times, nothing is more important to ABM than the safety and wellbeing of those we serve, including the students, teachers and staff of Madison County." She continued, "Our EnhancedClean™ program's certified disinfection process, which is backed by infectious disease and industrial hygiene experts, goes beyond traditional cleaning to help combat the surface-based spread of COVID-19, as well as other seasonal viruses such as influenza."

ABM's Energy Performance Contracting Program enables school districts and other entities to invest in critical facility needs like indoor air quality, infrastructure, and sustainability goals. The program is designed to eliminate costs from a facility's operating budget, redirecting savings to fund mission-critical facility needs. This video outlines how ABM provides custom technical and financial solutions for school districts, without upfront costs or tax increases.

Madison County Schools has been a custodial client of ABM since 2014 and has upgraded facility infrastructure through multiple phases of energy projects with ABM, starting in 2001. The current phase includes construction upgrades to the seating capacity of a local stadium, so the school can host graduation ceremonies onsite and is eligible to host state playoffs. Previous energy performance contracts paid for turf and energy-efficient lighting upgrades to the stadium, in addition to adding HVAC to the high school gym and needlepoint bipolar ionization units for energy efficiency and improved air quality in multiple school facilities.

Energy saving measures include:

  • Replacements for aging HVAC equipment across multiple facilities
  • New controls and upgrades to energy management systems
  • Sealing ventilation system elements

"Through our ongoing relationship with ABM, we have been able to provide our students and staff with a cleaner and healthier learning environment, upgrade infrastructure, and generate positive cash flow during a very difficult time," said Michael H. Williams, Superintendent of Madison County Schools. "ABM has been a strong partner and trusted advisor for our school system."

ABM's EnhancedClean and EnhancedFacility programs aim to deliver healthier spaces through a cleaning and disinfection process backed by infectious disease, industrial hygiene, and facility services experts. For more information, please visit enhancedclean.com and enhancedfacility.com.

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