“Don’t Hobble Your Building’s Health” Article by Senior AVP Featured

Monday, April 18, 2022

Spaces4Learning, a leading publication connecting educational leaders with research and news about current issues that impact K-12 and Higher Education facilities has featured an article by ABM Franchising Group Senior Vice President Kelly Pnacek.

"Don’t Hobble Your Building’s Health" highlights how improving ventilation to respond to pathogens and improve air quality can stress HVAC systems already suffering from lack of proper care. The article covers how responding to CDC and ASHRAE advice for improved ventilation requires an honest assessment of equipment conditions and maintenance plans to protect efficiency and equipment life.

As Senior Area Vice President, Kelly Pnacek leads teams in developing best-in-class facility service solutions for education, government, and multiple industry verticals. During her 20 years with ABM Franchising Group, Kelly has driven continuous improvements that impact sustainability, health, and efficiency. 

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