Trotter & Morton Reaches Platinum Member of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

Friday, May 26, 2023

In recognition of their seven consecutive years as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, the Trotter & Morton Group of Companies was awarded Platinum Member status for their sustained commitment to delivering value for their employees and clients. The award is given by Deloitte, based on an assessment of strategy, capability, and financials, and judged by a multi-disciplinary panel. 

This year’s awards increased the recognition of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives by awarding extra points for leading-edge practices in energy efficiency and diversity. You can read more about the awards in Deloitte’s press release.    

“Thank you again to all of those who contributed to this success, we couldn’t have achieved this without you,” said Trotter & Morton in this social media post announcing the award. 

Trotter & Morton has been a Linc Service contractor since 1994, offering unique integrated solutions supporting clients from construction to maintenance in locations including Calgary, Kansas City, San Antonio, Vancouver, Eugene, and Lacey, Longview, Portland, Salem, and Seattle.

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