H.A. Thompson and Sons President Recognized for Endowment of National Security Fellowship

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Mark and Claudia Thompson were lauded for their philanthropy in a special investiture ceremony held by the University of North Dakota, celebrating the Mark and Claudia Thompson National Security Fellowship, an endowed position made possible by the Thompson's gift, and the first recipient of the endowment, Dr. Jeremiah Neubert.
"Congratulations, Dr. Neubert," said Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, who spoke at the ceremony. "Not only on this day, but on your incredible research that has contributed to the security of our nation and to the security of free people around the world."

While "The Thompsons expressed their desire to place the emphasis of this event on Dr. Neubert as well as the College of Engineering and Mines and the University's work in National Security," as noted in the opening remarks, multiple speakers expressed their recognition of the Thompson's extraordinary gift during the ceremony, as captured in video of the ceremony here. 

"I continue to be amazed by your generosity," said Dean Brian Tande of the College of Engineering and Mines. "Your gift not only supports Dr. Neubert, it also supports all of the students that he has impacted and will continue to impact as well. Your gift truly has a lasting legacy."      

Dr. Neubert’s research has centered on robots and artificial neural networks. "I'd like to the thank the Thompsons for this honor," said Dr. Neubert, "I really appreciate the ability it will give me to help students and grow research here at UND."  

"We are unbelievably humbled by this event today," said Mark Thompson, who graduated from the University of North Dakota with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1971 and served in the Air Force. "We're doing our small part to continue serving our country, and we're just really happy that we can do it."

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