McDowall Company Earns a Minnesota Safety Council Governor’s Workplace Safety Award

Friday, March 29, 2024

Linc Service Contractor McDowall Company will be honored by the Minnesota Safety Council for excellence in workplace safety and health during the 2024 Minnesota Safety and Health Conference, alongside 244 employers recognized by the annual Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards. 

McDowall Company will receive a Gold Achievement Award in recognition of excellence in occupational injury prevention. “Keeping the people we work and live with safe is a full-time job,” said Paul Aasen, CEO of the Minnesota Safety Council. “Congratulations to McDowall Company for investing the time and energy to make work and life safer inside their organization and beyond.”

“Our mission is to ensure that those who work for us return home safely every day,” said McDowall Company Operations Manager Matt McDowall. “Our focus is to deliver best-in-practice solutions that meet or exceed OSHA standards, protect our workers, and minimize building owner liability.”

McDowall Company has been a Linc Service Contractor since 1984. ABM Franchising Group supports Linc Service Contractors safety programs with the ThinkSafe Program, including a series of monthly training videos, and the new Safety Champion Program, to help prioritize safety cultures with best practices. “We’re proud of McDowall’s safety excellence and their continual efforts to ensure safe operations for their talented field team,” said Rick Yelley, Director of Operations for ABM Franchising Group. 

The annual Governor’s Workplace Safety Awards program has recognized Minnesota employers for exceptional safety performance since 1934. The Minnesota Safety Council is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries in Minnesota communities. 

McDowall Company is a full-service contracting company providing customers in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area with innovative HVAC and roofing services and solutions. Their computer-aided designs capabilities and focus on preventive maintenance deliver customized benefits to clients. 

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