ABM to Reduce Energy and Operating Costs of Irwin County School System by $5.7 Million

Monday, November 23, 2015

ABM (NYSE:ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, announced its ABM Building Solutions business is performing extensive energy and facility improvements to public school buildings in Irwin County, Georgia. Following project completion in December 2015, ABM’s Bundled Energy Solutions program guarantees the Irwin County School System will save more than $5.7 million in energy and operating costs over the next 15 years, cutting the district’s energy usage by an expected 35%.

ABM’s Bundled Energy Solutions (BES) program is designed as a financial solution to meet clients’ technical facility needs and sustainability goals. ABM’s goal is to drive costs out of a client’s operating budget, allowing savings to be reallocated to fund mission critical facility needs. Through the program, Irwin County School System is able to make timely, comprehensive improvements to its aging HVAC, lighting and controls systems without the need for cutting programs or increasing taxpayer burden to the residents. The project will generate over $380,000 in general fund relief annually without any upfront costs.

“Our power rates had jumped significantly over the last few years, and I knew we had to improve our energy management. Not only does partnering with ABM make it possible for the Irwin County School System to make immediate infrastructure improvements across the district, but ABM will also guarantee the results and future performance of our facilities,” said Dr. Thad Clayton, superintendent of schools for Irwin County’s Board of Education.

Each of Irwin County’s three schools struggled with rising energy costs due in part to their outdated HVAC systems, which still used mercury thermostats without means of centralized control. ABM will replace more than 100 pieces of HVAC equipment across the district as well as install high efficiency LED lighting, water conservation equipment and a state-of-the-art, web-based HVAC control system that will allow centralized control of the HVAC equipment as well as notify staff of equipment irregularities.

The improvements are projected to create annual energy savings of 1.98 million kWh, reduce annual propane usage by almost 1,300 gallons and cut annual potable water usage by over 600,000 gallons. The installation of all LED lighting across the school system alone will save in excess of 500,000 kWh of electricity annually. This project also enables the school district to provide an HVAC system for the physical education facility of the Irwin County Middle and High School.

“I am pleased that ABM’s energy solutions will help make vast improvements to Irwin County students’ comfort and learning environment without impacting their existing budget, as well as give the district’s middle and high school students the opportunity to enjoy an air-conditioned gym for the first time in the schools’ history,” said Scott Giacobbe, President of ABM Building & Energy Solutions.

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