OtisAir Celebrates Third Consecutive Linc Service Contractor of the Year Award

Monday, June 12, 2017

Credit: Cayman Compass Business Journal

For a third consecutive year, OtisAir Ltd. in the Cayman Islands earned the Linc Service Contractor of the Year Award, which they recently celebrated.

"As a team we are extremely proud of this accomplishment," said OtisAir Principal Sean Hill. "Every individual exceeds in their role and works together to allow us to become more successful each year. We are very excited about the future of OtisAir and growing throughout the Caribbean."

OtisAir has been a Linc Service contractor since 2012.

In addition, OtisAir was recognized for the achievement with a full-page piece in "Giving Back," a special section of the Cayman Compass Business Journal, a local publication which covers business and news stories in the Cayman Islands and around the world.

The piece, titled "Charting the Future," not only highlighted the company's third Contractor of the Year designation, but also its apprenticeship program.

In the piece, Hill, along with Apprentices Andre Conner and Franklin Brown, talked about what the award means to them, as well developing future business leaders in the Cayman Islands.

"Our younger workforce will be the future of OtisAir," Hill said. "Bringing their forward thinking ideas along with technology, together to allow us to be the leader in our industry. A structured apprenticeship program gives these individual a base and understanding of industry to aid them in the future."

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