OtisAir Ltd. Marks Its Fourth Consecutive Linc Service Contractor of the Year Award

Monday, August 27, 2018

OtisAir Ltd. Principal Sean Hill (second from the left) and John Broadhead (far right) accept the company's fourth consecutive Linc Service Contractor of the Year Award from (left to right) Senior Area Vice President Steve Jesi, ABM Franchising Group Senior Vice President Bruce Phibbs and ABM Technical Solutions President Mark Newsome.

OtisAir Ltd.'s new facility opened in April, 2018.

OtisAir Ltd. marked its fourth consecutive year as the recipient of the Linc Service Contractor of the Year Award at its new facility in August.

“It’s truly outstanding,” said OtisAir Ltd. Principal Sean Hill. “Every person involved in OtisAir should be proud of what they’ve achieved – their excellence creates our awesome team.”

Based in the Cayman Islands, OtisAir Ltd. has been a Linc Service contractor since 2012.

Hill said his team was able to remain focused on both its short-term and long-term goals, which helped OtisAir achieve the award for the fourth time. He advised any company looking to reach similar accolades should strive for the same focus – especially when looking at its future.

“Think outside of the box,” Hill advises. “It’s about how you can help your clients differently from the competitors. Sometimes, this might not be anything related to HVAC or our industry, but it’s important to remain engaged with existing clients. They’re ultimately the best reference.”

Along with remaining engaged with clients, Hill added it’s important for the members of OtisAir’s team to remain engaged with each other and for management to show its appreciation for each member’s efforts.

“No individual makes a company successful, so you have to appreciate the team,” Hill said. “Also, we use the best industry tools and practices within our industry – Linc Service.”

In April, 2018, the team of OtisAir moved into its new facility, which houses its headquarters and a 10,000-square-foot warehouse space. Hill said the facility was designed to maximize the ability of OtisAir’s team to work together efficiently.

OtisAir built its new facility with its clients in mind, Hill said. The facility was given a modern design, which exposed ceilings throughout. Hill said the exposed ceilings serve as a sales tool, since it allows OtisAir’s ductwork and piping to be visible to its clients, demonstrating the quality work and service the company provides.

OtisAir’s technical team also designed and installed the facility’s building management systems, access control and security.

In the warehouse, the facility was built with a sophisticated inventory management system, allowing it to support its clients and other contractors on the island, Hill added.

It was also built to hurricane-rated specifications, which Hill said was especially important for OtisAir. It allows the business to remain functional during and after hurricanes. As part of the hurricane-rated specifications, the facility includes a backup generator and enough warehouse space to safely store its fleet during a hurricane.

“We want to be the company out on the road supporting our clients after a hurricane,” Hill said.

Since opening, the facility has been met with excitement and praise from the team, Hill said.

Senior Area Vice President Steve Jesi praised OtisAir’s Contractor of the Year award and its new facility.

“The fourth Contractor of the Year award and new facility are both amazing achievements,” Jesi said.

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